Ideas alone are just those — ideas. As observation inspires ideas, metrics should drive action. Understanding your audience, and making decisions based on that information is crucial in today’s business climate. The ability to interpret data as it relates to creating, scaling or transforming a business can be the difference between success and failure.

Experience includes:

  • Marketing research: Comprehensive data analysis using predictive analytics software to examine consumer behavior and preferences, helping inform business decisions.
  • Website and social media analytics: Leveraging data on user interaction and implementing A/B testing to improve in real time.
  • Advertising: Competition has grown fierce, and strong analytics have become the standard to prove ROI.
  • Skills: IBM SPSS software, advanced excel functions.

Selected project:


My teammates and I conducted intensive research and analysis to assist the Riverwalk Athletic Club management team in creating and evaluating prospective strategies intended to increase membership and revenue from membership. Our research team concentrated on the examination of pricing, promotions, features and other amenities by surveying gym members and non-members. Our research was designed to surface information pertaining to respondents’ current exercise habits, their perception and awareness of the Riverwalk Athletic Club, and recommendations for improvements to the club. We also incorporated demographics to help Riverwalk target specific market segments.

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